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Orthopaedic Navigation

Minimally Invasiv Orthopaedic Therapy

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Orthopaedics Symposium

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OrthoPilot® Brasil

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OrthoPilot® USA

For more information about OrthoPilot® in the United States please contact us at (866) 229-3002 or visit Aesculap Implant Systems. more


OrthoPilot® – Patient specific since 1997

Most advanced, reliable and frequently used orthopaedic navigation system

With OrthoPilot®, physicians have a tool for the precise execution of surgical interventions. The essential criterion in the development of the OrthoPilot® was its perfect integration within the surgical workflow by avoiding extension of operating time. In parallel, minimizing the strain on the patient caused by the navigation procedures was a central issue.

OrthoPilot® was developed to achieve the main surgical goal of perfect implant alignment without having to perform preoperational examinations or take radiation-intensive and expensive CT or MRI scans.

10 reasons why also you should consider OrthoPilot®
  • Userfriendly and integrated in OP-setting
  • Precise, accurate and reproducible implant positioning
  • CT-free navigation system
  • Short intraoperative procedure time
  • Optimized navigation instruments
  • Large orthopaedic application range from ACL to TKR and THA
  • Routine use in more than 200.000 cases
  • Easy and reliable
  • Proven evidence in more than 300 publications
  • OrthoPilot® defines standards

Smooth application of the OrthoPilot® is ensured by the comprehensive support offered by our field specialists and through training events held by the Aesculap Academy. Our service team is always on standby, keeping the OrthoPilot® operational through regular maintenance.


The axis for surgical success. more

New: TKA 5.1

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OrthoPilot® App

More information and free App for iPhone or iPad on iTunes. more